Our Company

01The solution for security

The company Armour Solutions was founded in 2010 and offers with his team of experts more than 25 years of experience in the ballistic sector. We are experts in the technical development, sales and marketing. Europe and Asia are among our markets - where we invest all our experience to always develop the best product for our customers.

Our philosophy

Armour Solutions is one of the most technical advanced manufacturers of protection equipment in the world.

Armour Solutions supports its customers in every way thinkable from the initial design, prototyping and field-testing guidance.

Our portfolio

We provides the most innovative protection equipment, which includes systems for personal, land, air and sea protection.

  • Body Armour / Ballistic Helmets
  • Insert Plates
  • Ballistic Blankets
  • Pressed Armour Panels / Pre-cut Armour Panels
  • Armour Kits

02Commitment to quality

It´s about your safety - therefore we offer products with highest quality standards . Through constant monitoring and new developments we continuously enhance our products and services for you.

03 Our Locations

Our sites are located in the center of Europe, South America, Asia and the United Arab Emirates - so we can act quickly and effectively worldwide.